When I was a kid, I wanted to become a priest just because I thought their job was easy. Until I discovered everything else about priesthood, I understood then that there is something wrong with the society.

Not the smoothest running cycle, I might add a couple more frames and gonna do some cleaning ‘round her.


Counter Culture’s Espresso Rustico at Beaner Bar.

"Now listen here you son of a bitch"

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sometimes i forget how old i am and i try to do things i used to do as a kid and i just


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you know when you lay on your arm or when you don’t sit right then your leg starts sleeping which includes that prickly feeling?

I think it’s happening to my penis.

I dont eat salad but some of them ingredients, i like.

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San Francisco

I was like, “woah!”

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Final design for my ink character..

Her name is… wait for it… INK! ahaha. creative right??

My friend is graduating from college and he decided to look like this on his graduation picture.